Why Choose Silicone Wristbands?

The popularity of silicone wristbands came about in 1990’s to early 2000 when American teenagers began using them as fashion accessories. It started as a fad but became one of the most favorite promotional products in the market today.

Silicone wristbands became a “hit” sensation when 7 time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong started “Live strong” cancer awareness campaign. He survived cancer and established Live strong Foundation to help cancer patients. To drumbeat the campaign, one advertising company came up with the idea of using wristbands. They sold each item for a dollar and earned $50,000,000 in US alone. There was an estimated total sale of $80 million yellow “Live strong” wristbands all over the world.

silicone wristbandsAt present, silicone wristbands are popular accessories used for fundraising campaigns of charity institutions. Business industry also saw the potential of these lightweight, durable and stylish items to promote their brands. Now, majority of organizations, institutions and businesses are using them for different reasons such as:

•Promotional campaigns

They are inexpensive, fashionable accessory that easily attract customers. Businesses give them for free to promote their new products or services. Giving away wristbands is economical compared to other promotional items. People love to receive freebies and show their gratitude by using them and patronizing the brand.

•Advertising campaign

Silicone wristbands are called silent advertisements. They influence the choice of people where to buy the essentials they need. They act as reminders for consumers who want to avail particular service and choose company that created strong impression through these advertising items.

•Fundraising items

These wristbands help different charitable institutions to raise awareness on the advocacy or social cause they promote. Many foundations helping victims of various disasters and crises in the world use specially-designed wristbands to gather funds. They are easy to sell to ordinary people who want to help but cannot afford to give large sum of sponsorship.

•Identification purposes

Most hospitals use wristbands to identify their patients. Traditionally, wristbands have printed names, number of room or ward and brief detail on medication. At present, they can use color coding because of availability of different colors. These items help the hospital staff to identify patients who need immediate treatment.

•Crowd control

Wristbands are very helpful during events with big crowds such as musical concerts, conferences or organized assemblies. They are also useful for recreation and theme parks to categorize their customers and control the number of people who will avail of particular fun activity based on their tickets schedule.

•Election paraphernalia

Politicians use them during election campaign to remind voters to choose them over their opponents. Election wristbands are imprinted with candidates’ name, logo of political party, tagline and small image.

•Celebrity promotional item

Most musical bands use wristbands as accessories. During concerts or shows, they throw them away to excited fans to express their gratitude. Fans love to collect souvenirs from their idols. They are also willing to pay just to see them perform. Most organizers use them now as freebie upon ticket purchase.

•Friendship band

Young people love to remind themselves of special friendship bond they formed with other people. They use personalized silicone wristbands to celebrate their friendship. They choose the perfect color and design to express their unique bond and put important details such as name of the group, motto and special logo.

There are many reasons why people choose them but the most important thing is- they are personal statement of what you believe, who you are and what you can do for other people especially victims of circumstances. These simple and silent arm accessories can bring a lot of difference to the world.