NY SEO Overview

We never thought that establishing web presence is as tough as promoting a brick-and-mortar store. In fact, with the staggering number of competitors coming out every now and then, we proved that online promotion is far more competitive than other forms of marketing. And truth be told, a good and effective strategy, that is, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the only thing which sets us apart from others in the market.

An SEO based website is packed with relevant content. Its purpose is mainly, but not limited, to get a higher rank among search engines. This does not only create greater online exposure, but attracts potential leads and customers as well.

What SEO really is?

Keyword is the first thing everyone thinks every time SEO is mentioned. This is inevitable though because when SEO was first launched, many websites focused on stuffing their contents with keywords. However, as the competition suddenly increased, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines changed their ranking patterns and algorithms; thus, restructuring the SEO system as well.

SEOInstead of focusing on the number of keywords, a responsive content becomes the new standard for good SEO website. NY SEO web design for instance, shows the importance of this aspect in developing a website. While being a web designer does not mean being an SEO expert, it is a must for developers to understand how to apply this technique for better outcomes.

Common SEO mistakes

As a new website developer, these are the most common mistakes that we stumbled upon when we were just starting.

1. Wrong target keywords used

What we did back then was simply pattern the keyword we use with what we think relates best with our content, and this is not necessarily wrong. However, we failed to consider the most important factor—the users’ choice. We realized later that the best way to find the right keywords is to think with the end-users in mind more. We asked ourselves, if we were the searchers, what keyword would we key in? And the answer? The shortest one.

2. Overlooking the title tag

The title tag is more important than anyone can think. After all, it is the perfect place to enter a keyword. For one, it is part of optimizing a website. Secondly, it becomes the content title in the search results.

3. Lack of HTML alternative

Flash-based web designs are attractive, but not for search engines. They are not designed to read a Flash content, and when a website content cannot be read, ranking and indexing is a little difficult. So never forget to back up Flash website with HTML.

4. Lack on maintenance

No matter how burdensome it sounds, embrace it. After the first progress in advancing a promotion, competition becomes fiercer so SEO campaign optimization and strategy change is, oftentimes, necessary.

SEO strategies

Remember what Lao Tzu said? A tactic without strategy is a noise before defeat. In this case, we realized that using SEO is the perfect tactic to battle with our competitors, but when we started using NY SEO, we found out that we need more strategies to make this tactic work better.

1. Define the target audience

Before we get into the online marketing warzone, we must make sure that we have an idea who we are going to attack. We technically base our approach with what they want and want kind of SEO campaign will probably work on them.

2. Discover targeted keywords

We know that we have the right keyword, but we are sure that something is still missing. In the old days, going into the target customers’ data would be our first option. However, this takes so much time and money; therefore, we would highly suggest switching into finding keyword tools such as Rank tracker. It has a ‘Suggest Keywords’ feature that would narrow down your keyword choices. It also has a ‘Keyword Difficulty Reviewer’, which helps anchor our strategies based on keywords that are low on difficulty.

3. Evaluate complicated URL and UX

We make it a habit to run a tool like WebSite Auditor. It helps us keep track of on-site balances like redirect problems, homepage content, Meta-tags, and so on and keep us from apprehending performance issues within a page. This can drastically improve the over-all SEO content of the entire website. It also checks on the URL’s and links issues like long data-based URL and not SEO-helping keywords. Identifying them sooner is important because broken links and defective URL affect the website’s over-all ranking.

4. Connect with PR

SEO servicesThe most used, yet most effective strategy to increase referrals and SEO traffic is building inbound links. Reach for the top journalists who write about products or services like yours and explain why their readers needed to know about your brand. It is tough in the beginning, but things get better once you are already established.

5. Target mobile optimization

Surveys show that 80 percent of adults have smartphones, and they spend a considerable time with their devices in a day. As for Google, an estimated traffic recorded comes from mobile. This means that optimizing an SEO campaign to be accessible even in mobile phones is not an option, but a necessity.


There is no alternative to any online campaign than using NY SEO experts. They specialize in SEO optimization and with complete track record to back up all claims of excellence. We made a perfect choice to make our SEO campaign work, and we will surely stick to it in the future.

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