The Newbie’s Guide to Your First Pair of Golf Shoes

Beginner golfers sometimes walk into a golf or sports store, asking for a pair of golf shoes, and are amazed with the variety of stocks offered. They would mention that they thought all they needed were shoes with spikes, and then they could go play golf! Well, that process is no longer true today, since a lot of advancements in technology and design have been made in this sport. Here are some guidelines for you to remember when looking for your first pair of shoes:


Spikes are important since they provide traction. Traction keeps you stable when you swing your club. In the past, spikes were made from metal. However, they have been banned from most golf courses for damaging the greens. Instead, manufacturers have designed plastic spikes, or soft spikes, which function in the same manner. Additionally, they are easily replaceable if ever you feel that your shoes are losing traction, but the shoes themselves are fine.


As an individual sport, golf has been considered as one of the most fashionable sports in the world. Having the spotlight on a single person allows him/her to show the world his/her sense of fashion. This is the reason why certain fashion styles are connected to certain golfers, like Tiger Woods’ signature black and red ensemble.

Golf shoesFeel free to look among the different options available. Most brands are putting their best in releasing wonderful designs regularly. Your personal style has probably already been considered; check out the available options and you’ll most likely find it. Find the design that works best for both your wardrobe and your personality.


With sneakers, you could cheat on size. However, when it comes to golf, you have to wear the perfect fit. Remember, traction is one key to a good swing. Golf shoes that are too big may make you slip in your shoes, but shoes that are too small can feel like plain torture. If possible, fit the pair before buying. Measure your feet, know your size, and know your width. These data will help you get the perfect fit for your feet.


Flexible shoes are durable shoes. Since your feet are constantly turning and twisting during golf, your shoes should be able to adapt. Inflexible shoes will get destroyed easily.


Comfort lies not just in getting the right fit, but also in getting the right cushion. Getting the best mid-foot support for your foot can mean the difference between aching, blistering feet at the end of a round, or feet just tired from walking around.


Your feet should be able to breathe when you’re playing. It’s very uncomfortable to walk around in sweat-drenched feet and socks, which is what you’ll face if your shoes are not breathable.


It would be the best option to choose golf shoes made from waterproof material to ensure that you’ll be ready for any incident. With today’s weather, you can’t be entirely sure if the day will stay sunny or if it will suddenly pour. At the very least, you may be walking on freshly watered grass. Although waterproof shoes are more expensive, they’re a lot more comfortable; after all, who likes walking in waterlogged shoes?


Most golf stores and brands offer warranties for their shoes. So keep the receipts and be ready to take advantage of those warranties if needed. You can never tell if an untoward incident leaves your shoes battered and useless. There are instances when even the most comfortable shoes break down after a week. In these cases, you could ask for a replacement.

You’re now armed with a gist of what to expect when you go out into the golf shoes shopping world. So go out there, and find the pair that’s best for you!

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