How to Do Content Analysis & Keyword Research for SEO in 2019

Content Analysis and Keyword Research in 2019 for SEO

 How to Conduct SEO Content Analysis

Do you really need one, two, or three pieces of software to analyze if your content is good enough for Google?

Content analysis software has been booming in the past few years, thanks to Google’s insistence that websites put up useful and in-depth content for users.

A decade or so ago, this wasn’t such a big issue because Google was still focused then on delivering content that mechanically matched keywords for instance SEO Company New York. The story has changed drastically when Google began rolling out updates that stamped out fluff from the Web.


What’s this software anyway?

seo content software

Content analysis software provides additional information about your content that you may have missed prior to posting it. The information that you get from this software can then be used to make better decisions about your content in general.

With this software you can also identify specific issues that are actionable, meaning, you can change parts of the content before publishing the said content to give your post a better chance of being indexed, ranked, and subsequently surfaced by Google. Ultimately, this is our goal: for Google to surface your content because it satisfies the search engine’s criteria for good content.

These programs work on the basis of patterns. Of course, there are going to be limitations on what it can do. For example, content analysis software can’t really understand the intention of the user who is searching for a piece of content, and the intent of the writer who created the content in the first place.

These are gray areas. The use of different keywords when engaging in search will results in slightly or sometimes wildly different results depending on the type of information already available on the Web.

But still, you can get a lot of good insights from these software as they usually aggregate and analyze the top ten or top twenty results for a given keyword, and does all the footwork for you.

Data aggregation allows you to see in one go how the top rankers for a search term were able to do it. The fun part here is trying to replicate the success of older pieces of content.


Should you use content analysis software?

should you use seo content software?

For all its current limitations, you should definitely use this software to improve your content, especially if you are aiming for less competitive longtail keywords. Of course, it has been established that it’s nearly impossible to rank higher than really big pages that have had amassed millions of views. But do remember that these pages are usually surfaced for highly competitive and general keywords, and not the more specific and less competitive keyword groups. This should give you a clue as to how to increase your traffic by creating content for highly specific queries.


Do patterns reveal everything?

 obvious patterns

As with everything in SEO, no. There are definitely observable patterns when you aggregate search results for specific search terms, but we can’t just correlate the patterns in content with the fact that they are at the top. As you may already know, SERPs are affected by more than just content.

Among the top signals that affect ranking are: freshness of the content, positioning, image alt text, etc. There are more than one hundred signals used by RankBrain to judge if a page or piece of content will go up on the top spots for search results, so it’s best to take the patterns that you see with a grain of salt. This is also a good idea so you’re not disappointed when you fail to replicate results by merely following the patterns that software has brought back.

Content in general is ranked best when people flock to it and find it useful. But there are other elements at work, too. For example, the relevant links that you put in your content will also have an impact. People who link to your content because it is authoritative will definitely raise the trust factor of your website for a particular topic.

Boosting the user experience by making the content in-depth and by adding images and video to make the reading experience more interactive and productive is also a good idea.

Now bring all of these elements and tweaks and you now have an idea of how content can end up in the top spot of a Google search result. Ultimately, you have to do more than just the minimum. Google now has you in its radar – now what? What else can your content offer to the users?


How does text analysis help?

 text analysis

Textual analysis of content for the most part, can show you if you are overusing keywords or if you are not using the target keyword phrases in the correct frequency. Google has long reeled back the importance of keywords, but they still do use it to find new content.

Keywords definitely have to appear on the heading, title, and the content – but never in the volume that would make the content unreadable. Ten years ago this was a huge problem for search engines: content producers were stuffing their content with lots of keywords, and the search engine companies didn’t know any better.

They were inadvertently surfacing content from mills that didn’t pay attention to quality. People complained about the quality of the search results that they were getting. This is why Google finally put its foot down and started making content quality a more important indicator instead of just keyword volume.

And then there’s grammar. Content analysis software can also help you check your content for errors. Grammar alone will not help you improve ranking, but it will improve user experience. No one likes reading content that doesn’t even look right. Grammar plays a huge part in conveying the message clearly to the intended audience. Make sure that all your old and new content has proper grammar.


How can you maximize content analysis software?

maximize seo content

Take all of the data that you can from the software’s results, and instead of just matching information with the content that you want to write, it’s vital that you understand that Google has moved on from this simplistic matching pattern. Instead, use the data to think of content that will respond to intent. In short, what types of questions can your content answer?

To better understand how this is working, you can definitely check out what your competitors are doing. It is likely that their content is now being surfaced by Google near the top: with the questions and answers pane. These questions are often shown right after the first result, and the paid listings. This is a huge space for marketers because if you are able to answer people’s questions here, they’re going to jump to the larger page to see the rest of your content.

Specificity of information is definitely an advantage as people tend to ask very specific things when they’re on the Web. The tricky part is to understand how people are phrasing their questions so your content is there when they need it. Google’s AI is still improving at this point, but there’s definitely a huge move to surfacing answers for specific queries so search results are more useful and ‘portable’ especially when people are using voice assisted technologies to search the Web.

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Getting Out of A Financial Crisis By Using A Pawn Shop

Pawn GoldThere are a lot of financial businesses that you can get involved with. Many of them are traditional in nature, like a bank. But not all of them are going to help you get out of a financial crisis, and you may find that this can be a difficult procedure. Let’s assume that you had an emergency situation rise up, what would you do? If you have no money, you may be stuck with only a few options. Outside of that, you’ll find that there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you’re able to gain traction and get out of a crisis fast. That’s where a pawn shop could come into play. There are a few things that you can do to ensure that you are able to get the most money from these businesses, as they are there to help. With that in mind, consider a few simple tips and tricks for working with pawn options.

Selling Out Right

Let’s say that you wanted to get money outright. You don’t want a loan, you just want to get cash right now. You could go to a shop and sell them items. However, you have to make sure that you have the right kind of item. If you’re not sure what certain shops want or need, then ask. By asking about what kinds of things they are looking for you can rest assured that you end up with a positive solution in the end.

There are some things that nearly all pawn options will pay you for. If you have these items, they will give you money in most scenarios, with few exceptions. Some of the items include musical instruments, gold, silver, jewelry, electronics, and even small appliances. Pawn brokers look to see the value of any items that come across the proverbial table and measure it for maximum profit.

Procuring A Loan

Have you ever tried to get a loan? Chances are you had to jump through hoops and sign a lot of paperwork. Many people don’t realize how hard it is to get a loan when they don’t have good credit. Without stellar credit in these modern times, you may not be able to get moving forward with your situation. In a financial crisis, there are a lot of problems that can rise up and paying off bills and other things could take precedent.


When you go to a pawn shop for a loan, they are going to ask you for collateral. You give them something in return for the money, and then pay them back in time. If you don’t pay them back, however, you will lose any items you gave up for collateral. Procuring a loan any other way would be nearly impossible for some. Getting a credit card or even a mortgage can be daunting, and could result in difficulties overall.

Pawn Solutions

Pawn options can deliver on a lot of different things. The main thing that you’ll find to be true with pawn shops is that they can help you financially. Whether you’re selling high ticket items or you’re just selling a few pieces of scrap gold, they can help you with a quick response, and attention to details. If you aren’t familiar with these locations, get familiar with them today. Sell, get a loan, or just visit and see what their inventory is like right now. You’ll be absolutely surprised by what’s going on in this arena. Pawn shops aren’t going away, they are only going to get more and more popular as mainstream companies are now promoting them as well.


If you want to get out of a financial crisis, all pawn shop will pay you. If you have these items, gold, silver, jewelry and electronics, they will give you money in most scenarios.

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Pawn Shop Popularity Continues To Grow

There was a time when the local pawn shop was not a place where many people visited. It was usually a place where people would go to unload unwanted goods, and make loans fast. While that’s something that still goes on today, it’s not the only thing that you can expect from modern options.

pawn Shop

The popularity of these locales has risen in recent years, especially for anyone that has cable. In recent years, the number of people interested in pawn options has grown because of the many television programs that seem to feature the way these shops work. That includes options that are very popular, and are starting to go mainstream.

If you have never really visited a pawn shop, then perhaps the time is now to explore what they do, how they can help you, and how they help the community at large. They are no longer just located in back alleys and in bad neighborhoods, and you may be surprised by the explosive growth that they’ve had in recent years.

For Those Looking At Jewelry

Step inside a retail jewelry store and you can expect to pay a huge markup for items. Let’s assume that you were to going to get an engagement ring. That could very well cost you an arm and a leg. The costs associated with gold, silver, and diamonds can break the proverbial bank.

PawnThose looking for jewelry options are going to pay upwards of 100% mark up at minimum. Even sale items are going to cost you a great deal, which can be quite difficult to manage overall. Looking at jewelry is tough, but if you were to go to a pawn broker, you would find that you can actually save money.

That’s right, by going to a different resource, you would be able to gain the upper hand in buying an engagement ring, and still have money left over. It’s simply one of the best options that you can explore when it comes to saving money on jewelry.

Getting A Quick Loan

Have you ever tried to get a short-term loan? How about a payday loan? A lot of individuals have tried to get this type of option going, and to their dismay, they don’t get the money that they want or need. In other instances, the loan terms require upwards of 400% APR which can be a very difficult thing to pay back. If you’re dealing with this issue and aren’t sure how to make sense of it, you may want to look into a different option overall.

Instead of going the route of getting into more debt, you could easily visit a pawn shop and get a helping hand with better terms overall. In fact, you may find that this solution can also allow you to put up collateral and get your stuff back within a short span of time. It’s flexible, which is more than can be said about other solutions today.

LoanNo matter how you look at pawn shop options in your area, there’s a lot to explore about them. The above are just a couple of examples of how they can help you out. You may find that they are hubs for finding good deals on electronics, musical instruments, and much more.

Others will rely on them to get short term loans and figure out how to get money without having to fall into debt as a result. In the end, it’s a positive thing that you will want to explore. Visit one today and see why so many are jumping on board to visit them, and you’ll no doubt see good things.

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What Comes Next After Cremation?

In the recent years, there are a growing number of people who are opting to be cremated as a mean of their final disposition. This is not surprising as it provides a number of benefits that cannot be found in other means.

Unlike in traditional burial, there are various activities that family members can do after cremation. For instance, you can do memorial services and choose from broad storage options which are not available in other disposition methods.

Having that said, we listed down some things you can do after cremating the remains of your departed loved ones.

Celebration of Life

Funeral servicesCelebration of life is a ceremony that focuses on the life spent of the deceased individual. This is the time where loved ones gather to tell the story of the departed and celebrate his legacy and achievements in life.

Unlike in funeral services, this ceremony has the freedom to set various activities and allows room for creative ideas. Since it is often held after cremation, there is plenty of time to plan and arrange the celebration.

One unique aspect of this ceremony is that families may request certain motifs to memorialize their departed member. It can be anything that best characterizes the deceased, such as favorite series, book or movie. You can also have celebration videos, photographs, and music during the ceremony.

Storage Options

After cremation, families can have various storage options unlike in traditional burial. They can either keep the remains near them or store it at some place accessible for other loved ones to visit. Whatever their choice is, it should be done to help them overcome their grief and keep the memories of their loved ones alive.

To give you an idea, we listed down some possible ways to store the ashes after the cremating process.

• Keep the remains at home 

Families can either bury the remains or display the urn at home.

In burying the remains in your backyard, you get to save burial cost usually spent on a cemetery lot, columbarium or mausoleum.

Another choice is also to display the urn at home. The ashes are kept in an attractive urn and often placed on a special memorial space.

• Scatter the ashes at significant places

On the contrary, families may also opt to scatter the ashes at places which hold significance in the life of their member.

The ashes can be scattered at sea, air or land in one or multiple sites. However, restrictions on the places allowed for scattering may vary from state to state.

• Bury in a cemetery lot

Urns can also be buried in cemetery lots. This is a lot cheaper than traditional burial, as it takes less space and does not require a full-size plot. Burying in a cemetery also allows families to visit the remains of their departed love ones.

• Entomb in a mausoleum

CremationLike a columbarium, a mausoleum is also built to house the urns. However, in mausoleum, you will have your own privacy as you would not have to share your space with other families. Though this method is costlier than storing in a columbarium.

• Plant as a tree

Turning the remains into a memorial tree is a growing trend these days. It allows family members to visit a living memorial. This is also a great way to give back to nature.

• Be one with the coral reefs

Ocean lovers may also choose to have their remains mixed with the coral reefs. The urns may either be placed in an underwater mausoleum or have the ashes turned into cement mix for corals to grow on.

• Turn into diamond

With the help of advance technology, remains can now be turned into a diamond. The diamond can symbolize how precious your departed loved one is.

• Keep a portion in cremation jewelry

If you opt to scatter the remains, you may also want to keep a portion of it and put it in a bracelet, locket, necklace or ring. This way, you literally can carry the memories of your loved ones with you all the time.

Cremation has proven its worth not only in overcoming stressful after-death arrangements, but also in easing the grief and pain of losing a loved one. It is continuously growing with more ideas to help families recover in the long run, and keep the memories of the departed alive.

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What are Lanyards?

Lanyards are ropes or cords that are usually worn around the neck, shoulder, or wrist. They are used to carry objects. Aside from the convenience of the item hanging on you, they also ensure that the item is more visible, especially when not hanging around a body part. There is also a steel variation that is used for aircrafts. Those cords may also refer to the piece of rigging used in securing things on a boat. A more heavy-duty kind of lanyard is used when dealing with machinery and vehicles.

neck lanyardsReferences to lanyards date all the way back to the 15th century in France where “Laniere” denoted a strap or thong apparatus. Also, in the French military, there were lanyards that were used to attach a sword, whistle, or pistol. A pistol lanyard will stay attached to the pistol no matter what and was useful in ensuring that it wouldn’t get lost. Lanyards of different colors were also seen on military uniforms’ shoulders. Its purpose was to indicate the wearer’s qualification.

The common lanyard materials are nylon, satin, silk, polyethylene terephthalate, and polyester. The material used depends on the purpose of the lanyard; either it would be used as an accessory, an identification holder, safety strap, for linemen, for uniforms, and others.

The most common use of a lanyard are as follows:

One of the popular uses for a lanyard is for holding items such as MP3 players, cameras, cell phones, and cameras. This prevents dropping or loss of the item. It also makes it convenient because it provides fast access to the items when hanging on a body part. Some models of cameras, MP3 players, cameras, and phones have a small hole on one corner designed for a lanyard or strap. Some lanyards have a thread at its end that can be knotted onto the hole. Some employs the use of a clip for faster attaching and detaching of the item.

In recent times, consoles have also made use of lanyard. For example, Nintendo’s Wii remote comes with has a lanyard to make sure it stays on the player’s arm, since use of the Wii remote often entails rough and vigorous movement.

Probably the most common use of a lanyard is for IDs. Employees, students, security personnel, among others, can be seen with their IDs hanging from a lanyard. In events, official personnel have their passes on a lanyard to indicate that they are part of the event. It also gives them access to backstage areas and such. The material used for these are often braided fabric. A customized lanyard can be made so that it has the name or logo of the company, school, event, or convention.

A lanyard can also be seen fastened to a dead man’s switch on dangerous machinery. This can be on a slicing machine, industrial cutting machines, and on vehicles such as trains. On treadmills, an accidental fall will pull the lanyard which, in turn, will pull the switch to cease the function of the machine.

Linemen make use of a lanyard to impede any fall. This type of lanyard makes use of a heavy duty nylon strap fastened to a ring or carabineer. Mountain climbers also utilize a lanyard to help them in their ascent. The lanyard may be adjustable or fixed.

A lanyard can still be seen on uniforms, and an example would be the Orange Lanyard used in the Military William Order.

As can be seen, the use of a lanyard has changed over time, and people have seen plenty ways to utilize it. It can most often be seen at schools, offices, events, but is not limited to those places. It is truly a versatile item.

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NY SEO Overview

We never thought that establishing web presence is as tough as promoting a brick-and-mortar store. In fact, with the staggering number of competitors coming out every now and then, we proved that online promotion is far more competitive than other forms of marketing. And truth be told, a good and effective strategy, that is, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the only thing which sets us apart from others in the market.

An SEO based website is packed with relevant content. Its purpose is mainly, but not limited, to get a higher rank among search engines. This does not only create greater online exposure, but attracts potential leads and customers as well.

What SEO really is?

Keyword is the first thing everyone thinks every time SEO is mentioned. This is inevitable though because when SEO was first launched, many websites focused on stuffing their contents with keywords. However, as the competition suddenly increased, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines changed their ranking patterns and algorithms; thus, restructuring the SEO system as well.

SEOInstead of focusing on the number of keywords, a responsive content becomes the new standard for good SEO website. NY SEO web design for instance, shows the importance of this aspect in developing a website. While being a web designer does not mean being an SEO expert, it is a must for developers to understand how to apply this technique for better outcomes.

Common SEO mistakes

As a new website developer, these are the most common mistakes that we stumbled upon when we were just starting.

1. Wrong target keywords used

What we did back then was simply pattern the keyword we use with what we think relates best with our content, and this is not necessarily wrong. However, we failed to consider the most important factor—the users’ choice. We realized later that the best way to find the right keywords is to think with the end-users in mind more. We asked ourselves, if we were the searchers, what keyword would we key in? And the answer? The shortest one.

2. Overlooking the title tag

The title tag is more important than anyone can think. After all, it is the perfect place to enter a keyword. For one, it is part of optimizing a website. Secondly, it becomes the content title in the search results.

3. Lack of HTML alternative

Flash-based web designs are attractive, but not for search engines. They are not designed to read a Flash content, and when a website content cannot be read, ranking and indexing is a little difficult. So never forget to back up Flash website with HTML.

4. Lack on maintenance

No matter how burdensome it sounds, embrace it. After the first progress in advancing a promotion, competition becomes fiercer so SEO campaign optimization and strategy change is, oftentimes, necessary.

SEO strategies

Remember what Lao Tzu said? A tactic without strategy is a noise before defeat. In this case, we realized that using SEO is the perfect tactic to battle with our competitors, but when we started using NY SEO, we found out that we need more strategies to make this tactic work better.

1. Define the target audience

Before we get into the online marketing warzone, we must make sure that we have an idea who we are going to attack. We technically base our approach with what they want and want kind of SEO campaign will probably work on them.

2. Discover targeted keywords

We know that we have the right keyword, but we are sure that something is still missing. In the old days, going into the target customers’ data would be our first option. However, this takes so much time and money; therefore, we would highly suggest switching into finding keyword tools such as Rank tracker. It has a ‘Suggest Keywords’ feature that would narrow down your keyword choices. It also has a ‘Keyword Difficulty Reviewer’, which helps anchor our strategies based on keywords that are low on difficulty.

3. Evaluate complicated URL and UX

We make it a habit to run a tool like WebSite Auditor. It helps us keep track of on-site balances like redirect problems, homepage content, Meta-tags, and so on and keep us from apprehending performance issues within a page. This can drastically improve the over-all SEO content of the entire website. It also checks on the URL’s and links issues like long data-based URL and not SEO-helping keywords. Identifying them sooner is important because broken links and defective URL affect the website’s over-all ranking.

4. Connect with PR

SEO servicesThe most used, yet most effective strategy to increase referrals and SEO traffic is building inbound links. Reach for the top journalists who write about products or services like yours and explain why their readers needed to know about your brand. It is tough in the beginning, but things get better once you are already established.

5. Target mobile optimization

Surveys show that 80 percent of adults have smartphones, and they spend a considerable time with their devices in a day. As for Google, an estimated traffic recorded comes from mobile. This means that optimizing an SEO campaign to be accessible even in mobile phones is not an option, but a necessity.


There is no alternative to any online campaign than using NY SEO experts. They specialize in SEO optimization and with complete track record to back up all claims of excellence. We made a perfect choice to make our SEO campaign work, and we will surely stick to it in the future.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Become One of the Great Motivational speakers

Motivational speakers use their knowledge, skills and life experiences when speaking with people. They have the power to motivate people to take steps in order to improve their lives. If you want to become a great motivational speaker, it doesn’t really matter what industry you’re from. There are speakers who are experts in their respective fields, experienced difficult challenges, survived life-threatening diseases, or have been living with disabilities since birth.

The growing demand of effective motivational speakers is fueled by different factors such as:

•The experiences of the speaker

•The subject matter

•The speaking and presentation abilities of the individual

•The public’s interest in a particular field

Those who choose to be a motivational speaker definitely have a chance to earn big. However, it is really tough to become the best in the business but achieving such a feat isn’t impossible, as long as you follow these steps:

Step One:

Know the career requirements. Make a self-assessment of your qualifications if you fit the role.

The job requirements of motivational speakers can vary – you may be required to have vocational licenses, certifications, or college degrees. Most effective speakers have a strong background in a particular field. Below are the common qualifications of speakers.


Several years of working in a particular field; post secondary training; has interesting experiences and life stories

Key skills:

Keynote speakerCapable of keeping his audience engaged; able to speak clearly; comfortable in entertaining questions; aware and conscious to the needs of the audience; familiar with different speech techniques for making a point; able to stay energetic during discussions; possesses excellent stage presence; capable of using reasonable arguments.

Computer skills:

Knowledgeable in using presentation software; capable of maximizing the potential of different social media platforms.

Technical skills:

Able to create materials such as handouts; familiar with the use of projectors, microphones, and other gadgets; comfortable and knowledgeable in explaining instructions.

Additional requirements:

Willingness to work irregular hours and to travel.

Step Two:

Become an expert in your chosen field. Great motivational speakers can derive lessons from every life experience or situation. They have the capability to share useful information to their clients and audience. Overcoming drug or alcohol addiction, dealing with discrimination, rebuilding family relationships, and embracing changes are just some common themes or stories tackled by speakers.

There are many speakers who became experts through work and training. Well, becoming an expert in a particular field involves building a solid foundation, which can be achieved by:

•Finishing college and obtaining a higher degree

•Developing or enhancing a set of skills

•Getting more jobs

Truth be told, college degrees aren’t a requirement in some fields. Experts use their knowledge, experience, and talents in finding innovative ways to address challenges. They come up with new approaches or device new systems in honing their crafts. During their speaking engagements, these experts share what they have learned.

Step Three:

Hone your public speaking skills. Most motivational speakers are experts in their own fields. But not all experts can be great speakers, especially if they do not have excellent public speaking skills. To overcome that hurdle, you can enrol in public speaking courses. It will also provide you sufficient information about using modern technology during your speaking engagements. Many schools offer short courses on public speaking at affordable rates.

You can find groups and organizations that help people become better speakers. There are also clubs that organize competitions in public speaking. Remember, you learn to speak in front of a big crowd through consistent practice. Joining public speaking groups can also help you get constructive feedback on your performance.

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Mistakes that an Article Writer Should Avoid

To an article writer, coming up with good content is important. While good grammar and structure will give someone a head start, it’s the content within the articles that will carry him far. A person who wants to start out being an article writer can write about any topic he wishes, but there are still some mistakes to watch out for. There’s a barrier separating the good articles from the excellent articles. Learning which mistakes to avoid is what will make a writer in demand.

Online readers look for articles that are simple, straight to the point, and informative. These characteristics should be present if the writer’s article is to “capture” its audience.

As a quick guide for new or first time article writers, here are some of the common mistakes that they have to avoid:

1. Using the passive voice

Using sentences with the passive voice makes them very wordy. Even in writing, people like to follow trends, and the trend right now is short and simple writing. To cut down on the wordiness, writers use the active voice. One of the ways that writers use to avoid the passive voice is to remove any words that are unnecessary to a sentence or trying to make a sentence shorter while still getting their point across. Avoid inserting words like “being” or “that is” into the article.

2. Long paragraphs

Article WriterReaders nowadays don’t like extremely long paragraphs, and tend to skim or skip entire paragraphs completely. While this could be attributed to short attention spans, it nonetheless is the trend to follow. A good paragraph for any article is around three to five sentences.

3. Walls of text

Readers will avoid reading continuous walls of text and will instead look for divisions to find the information they are looking for. Adding bullet points and sub-headers will help them quickly access the information they need and will make a person’s article look more structured and neat. However, an article writer needs to make sure that he doesn’t overdo it. There is such a thing as making something look too neat, and putting too many sub-headers or bullet points will make the article look like someone’s shopping list and make it look uninteresting.

4. Baiting and switching

One of the most common mistakes a writer could make is wandering off topic. When a writer starts talking about a certain topic, he should finish the article about that topic and not switch to another subject midway. This will only confuse readers, and the article as a whole will not make any sense. When writing an article, the writer must make sure that each paragraph is about or supports the topic and title.

5. Adding filler sentences

Many writers are guilty of this mistake, especially if they want their articles to look longer. A writer should avoid putting in sentences that just repeat their previous points or sentences, as it gives no weight to the article as a whole. To avoid this, a writer should keep in mind that the first sentence of every paragraph should be the main point, and the succeeding ones should support it.

6. Avoid the following words

Really, just, feel, think, a lot, sort of/ kind of, used to. These words will make an article look amateurish. There are better ways to construct a sentence without using these words. Some ways to avoid these words is to rewrite or shorter sentences containing them.

These are just some of the common mistakes that some writers make while writing their articles. Even the more experienced ones make these mistakes, so a writer should always find areas of improvement and always listen to the feedback given to him.

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Why Choose Silicone Wristbands?

The popularity of silicone wristbands came about in 1990’s to early 2000 when American teenagers began using them as fashion accessories. It started as a fad but became one of the most favorite promotional products in the market today.

Silicone wristbands became a “hit” sensation when 7 time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong started “Live strong” cancer awareness campaign. He survived cancer and established Live strong Foundation to help cancer patients. To drumbeat the campaign, one advertising company came up with the idea of using wristbands. They sold each item for a dollar and earned $50,000,000 in US alone. There was an estimated total sale of $80 million yellow “Live strong” wristbands all over the world.

silicone wristbandsAt present, silicone wristbands are popular accessories used for fundraising campaigns of charity institutions. Business industry also saw the potential of these lightweight, durable and stylish items to promote their brands. Now, majority of organizations, institutions and businesses are using them for different reasons such as:

•Promotional campaigns

They are inexpensive, fashionable accessory that easily attract customers. Businesses give them for free to promote their new products or services. Giving away wristbands is economical compared to other promotional items. People love to receive freebies and show their gratitude by using them and patronizing the brand.

•Advertising campaign

Silicone wristbands are called silent advertisements. They influence the choice of people where to buy the essentials they need. They act as reminders for consumers who want to avail particular service and choose company that created strong impression through these advertising items.

•Fundraising items

These wristbands help different charitable institutions to raise awareness on the advocacy or social cause they promote. Many foundations helping victims of various disasters and crises in the world use specially-designed wristbands to gather funds. They are easy to sell to ordinary people who want to help but cannot afford to give large sum of sponsorship.

•Identification purposes

Most hospitals use wristbands to identify their patients. Traditionally, wristbands have printed names, number of room or ward and brief detail on medication. At present, they can use color coding because of availability of different colors. These items help the hospital staff to identify patients who need immediate treatment.

•Crowd control

Wristbands are very helpful during events with big crowds such as musical concerts, conferences or organized assemblies. They are also useful for recreation and theme parks to categorize their customers and control the number of people who will avail of particular fun activity based on their tickets schedule.

•Election paraphernalia

Politicians use them during election campaign to remind voters to choose them over their opponents. Election wristbands are imprinted with candidates’ name, logo of political party, tagline and small image.

•Celebrity promotional item

Most musical bands use wristbands as accessories. During concerts or shows, they throw them away to excited fans to express their gratitude. Fans love to collect souvenirs from their idols. They are also willing to pay just to see them perform. Most organizers use them now as freebie upon ticket purchase.

•Friendship band

Young people love to remind themselves of special friendship bond they formed with other people. They use personalized silicone wristbands to celebrate their friendship. They choose the perfect color and design to express their unique bond and put important details such as name of the group, motto and special logo.

There are many reasons why people choose them but the most important thing is- they are personal statement of what you believe, who you are and what you can do for other people especially victims of circumstances. These simple and silent arm accessories can bring a lot of difference to the world.

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The Challenges That Come with Owning Long Island Real Estate

Admit it; there is really nothing perfect in this world. Everything has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. This inevitable fact should always be taken seriously in every facet of human life, and more so in the complicated realm of real estate.

Take the Long Island real estate market, for example. It has some of the highest-valued land units in the country today and their sales have also increased exponentially in recent years. Surely there wouldn’t be any problem in case you make certain transactions with Long Island’s numerous real estate businesses, right?

Again, there’s nothing perfect in this world and the Long Island real estate market is no exception. Once you choose to invest in some properties in this particular area, you will realize pretty soon that everything is not as simple as it may seem.

Real EstateBefore going any further, be reminded that the goal of this article is not to demean the Long Island real estate market in any way or to discourage you from investing or taking residence in the island. Its goal is to familiarize people with the challenges they might have to face in case they decide that Long Island is the best or only option for both their settlement and investment needs.

With that said, the article will begin discussing the challenges by mentioning Long Island’s most persistent ordeals which are natural calamities.

Long Island’s precarious position on the East Coast makes it very vulnerable to natural calamities like storms, flooding, and tidal waves. The island also experiences frequent earthquakes though most of them are really not too powerful. At least they don’t cause extensive property damage in the urban and suburban residential areas of the island. For more details about real estate visit site.

Security-wise, Long Island is pretty safe with a relatively low crime rate in affluent and populated areas like Nassau and Suffolk Counties or even Long Island City. Considering that the island is in fact one of the most densely inhabited areas in America, it’s always a good idea to keep a watchful eye on your surroundings.

Also with the rich amount of new enterprises appearing all throughout Long Island, investing here would certainly be a challenging feat. Competitions among businesses tend to be fierce and finding the most profitable investment can prove to be difficult, though not impossible.

With all of that cleared, every city in America has its own sets of problems to face, and Long Island is just a little cut above the rest. So if you are really interested in taking residence or doing business in this place, make sure you are well prepared. If you manage to pull it off, just sit back and enjoy the all pleasures the island has to offer.

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The Newbie’s Guide to Your First Pair of Golf Shoes

Beginner golfers sometimes walk into a golf or sports store, asking for a pair of golf shoes, and are amazed with the variety of stocks offered. They would mention that they thought all they needed were shoes with spikes, and then they could go play golf! Well, that process is no longer true today, since a lot of advancements in technology and design have been made in this sport. Here are some guidelines for you to remember when looking for your first pair of shoes:


Spikes are important since they provide traction. Traction keeps you stable when you swing your club. In the past, spikes were made from metal. However, they have been banned from most golf courses for damaging the greens. Instead, manufacturers have designed plastic spikes, or soft spikes, which function in the same manner. Additionally, they are easily replaceable if ever you feel that your shoes are losing traction, but the shoes themselves are fine.


As an individual sport, golf has been considered as one of the most fashionable sports in the world. Having the spotlight on a single person allows him/her to show the world his/her sense of fashion. This is the reason why certain fashion styles are connected to certain golfers, like Tiger Woods’ signature black and red ensemble.

Golf shoesFeel free to look among the different options available. Most brands are putting their best in releasing wonderful designs regularly. Your personal style has probably already been considered; check out the available options and you’ll most likely find it. Find the design that works best for both your wardrobe and your personality.


With sneakers, you could cheat on size. However, when it comes to golf, you have to wear the perfect fit. Remember, traction is one key to a good swing. Golf shoes that are too big may make you slip in your shoes, but shoes that are too small can feel like plain torture. If possible, fit the pair before buying. Measure your feet, know your size, and know your width. These data will help you get the perfect fit for your feet.


Flexible shoes are durable shoes. Since your feet are constantly turning and twisting during golf, your shoes should be able to adapt. Inflexible shoes will get destroyed easily.


Comfort lies not just in getting the right fit, but also in getting the right cushion. Getting the best mid-foot support for your foot can mean the difference between aching, blistering feet at the end of a round, or feet just tired from walking around.


Your feet should be able to breathe when you’re playing. It’s very uncomfortable to walk around in sweat-drenched feet and socks, which is what you’ll face if your shoes are not breathable.


It would be the best option to choose golf shoes made from waterproof material to ensure that you’ll be ready for any incident. With today’s weather, you can’t be entirely sure if the day will stay sunny or if it will suddenly pour. At the very least, you may be walking on freshly watered grass. Although waterproof shoes are more expensive, they’re a lot more comfortable; after all, who likes walking in waterlogged shoes?


Most golf stores and brands offer warranties for their shoes. So keep the receipts and be ready to take advantage of those warranties if needed. You can never tell if an untoward incident leaves your shoes battered and useless. There are instances when even the most comfortable shoes break down after a week. In these cases, you could ask for a replacement.

You’re now armed with a gist of what to expect when you go out into the golf shoes shopping world. So go out there, and find the pair that’s best for you!

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